Group Announcement

an older Singer from the 20-30s with a wooden base board is sewing red cotton fabric. It reads GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT. The group is in the corner
Image ID: an older Singer from the 20-30s with a wooden base board is sewing red cotton fabric. It reads GROUP ANNOUNCEMENT. The group is in the corner.
IMPORTANT: For volunteers who have contributed, please comment or email contact@delmarvacovidcrafters. I need you to message you via Facebook or email, so you can be “logged” for an upcoming thank you! If you would like to participate in the Masks On Maryland video, please make sure I have a photo (or video) of you. Thanks!

We’ll now be going into November. Wow, right? A few months ago in March, I had a vision of starting a mask group because there was a mask shortage. So many of you have done so much– and made so many masks.

Wow, what a journey of mask making, donations, and volunteering from you all. I am so impressed by what this journey of love has been. Together, we have made so many friends. It’s fair to say that we can be so proud of what we have done together! When we can get together, I look forward to a nice night out together with all of us!!

I know a lot of you have gone back to work, are doing virtual learning with kiddos, grandkids, or loved ones. Maybe you’re just experiencing a sense of fatigue from all of the sewing (or crochet/knit from our fiber volunteers)!

Either way, you have contributed to this little group. It is an incredible journey because of YOU!

As we head into winter, it has left me to wonder: how do we continue to contribute? The needs are not just masks, but winter goods. We have an entire community here of needs that are rushing in. They need help… and we can help!

Ironically, there is a blanket nearby that is waiting to be finished. It’s a grief gift for someone who recently lost a loved one. Items like that remind me of the mission of this group.

We can craft compassion in a time of distance.

With this new shift, I will be moving forward in new ways. Instead of just focusing on masks, I will be encouraging others to come to “us” about other community initiatives– such as for nursing homes, the elderly, and many others. Quilts for dementia for example are a need, just to use that as one example.

We will still make masks, but will also serve all– and be a bit more open and relaxed, too. I hope to foster Zooms for us to stitch together (knit, sew, crochet, and whatever crafts we enjoy together), encourage volunteerism, and a center of the charitable community that we have been. If there are projects to participate in, I will make sure that others know about them. My role is, and always will be, to serve our community. I have a lot of visions of how this can happen— including in our “new normal.” I know we got this!

I think being relaxed will encourage others to serve along with us, too! I hope you will still participate with this little group here that was formed on love. I will be shifting our name to reflect the new reality and the way that I want us to move forward. Most of all, I hope you will keeping on this journey.

Keep posted for the next update!

Love, Dom

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