Crafting for change! Eastern Shore Crafters who Care!

1. How do I become a Club Member?

Join our FB group. Super duper simple!

If you don’t have Facebook and want to participate in our Zooms or volunteer for any of the causes listed, you can still do so. We have a few people who don’t have Facebook. You can communicate with me email, text, etc! You don’t need to do anything other than craft. Promise!

2. What about materials? I can’t afford them!

No worries. I will provide materials at no cost to volunteers/members who are unable to pay.

We are 100% grassroots and are not funded, but all donation either material wise or monetary wise go to providing materials for volunteers and volunteering purposes. Volunteers often share, as we don’t currently have a system in place to offset the total cost yet, so many do pay out of pocket if able. My ultimate goal is to one day to be able to supply all members. However as stated, we are not funded beyond donation by kind donors and or those able to donate.

3. Where do I pickup materials?

The pickup and drop off for materials is in Salisbury, MD. If you are unable to pick up for reasons, a volunteer can arrange to do it for you or I can mail it to you. I mail materials to some of our volunteers who can’t pickup! Many of the organizations that we craft for often will work with us on this issue as well.

4. How do I know what facilities are in need of masks, scarves, etc?

If you have been a member of our group since it was originally formed as a mask making group, you’ll know that I often post images of the requests. I will keep with that. I will also post the needs on the Blog here. Please also use our signup website, Signup Genius, which is also linked there. I personally recommend saving the image and utilizing Sign Up Genius, so you can save the data and stay up to date!

Ultimately, it’s what works for you. A key tool is to utilize the Facebook group, as well!

5. What if I can’t craft? Do you need other things done?

We need volunteers to do an array of things. Our friends at the “Lower Shore Vulnerable Populations Task Force” always need volunteers. We also need volunteers to give out kits of craft supplies for example! Even if you can’t sew or don’t want to, I could use your help! It’s a given.

6. I have a question and it’s not addressed here!

If you have any questions not addressed here, please feel to reach out. The goal of this was to be as simplified as possible.

Other Volunteering Opportunities:

Please check back!

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