Scrub Hat Patterns

This will likely be updated in the future.

(Please note that our local nurses are specifically asking for buttons with our scrub caps due to having breakdown from their face shields. Please be mindful. Thank you!)

This is what our member, Cheryl, uses for her scrub caps which Is why it’s first!
Download pattern here.
View instructions and access pattern here.
Access the written instructions and view pattern here.
Download the instructions and pattern here.
Download the pattern and instructions here.
Download pattern and instructions here.
She’s a doctor and has multiple patterns available.
Download pattern here.
Download pattern here.
This is geared towards beginners.
This is geared towards beginners
Million Mask Challenge Ponytail Style Scrub Cap can be downloaded here. Their other pattern with buttons is above.
This Etsy shop ‘ADesignByAngie’ offers multiple scrub cap patterns, including men’s, but they do cost money. Click here to view.
Courage Cap by the Turban Project has instructions for download here and the pattern here. Watch the video here.
Click here to download pattens.
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