Welcome! I’m super excited to talk about how important that accessibility is — especially in 2020.

By clicking on each option below, you’ll see lots of inclusive patterns and designs that will work for the disabled community.

I did this because I’m disabled myself. I believe that advocating for accessible designs in PPE production is extremely, making sure disabled people are included in designs, and including them in conversation is important. I strive to make this PPE Drive as accessible as possible. You’ll see Image IDs, Closed Captions, and other accessible headways in how we organize. We want to be better.

As you see on our Home page, we are partnered with Tom Global U-Penn. They devoted to designing and working on accessible designs. Please utilize Tom Global, especially if you are a maker with an idea that could benefit our Disability community.

The reason why these designs are shared on this page is because I think it’s pivotal for us to keep a record of accessible designs out there, ways that people can accessible designs, etc.

Thanks so much!



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