Delmarva Crafters is a crafting club that was formed in March 2020 as Delmarva COVID Crafters – Delmarva COVID-19 Crafters & Volunteers. As we navigated the COVID crisis together, it was apparent that had the ability to continue together in positive ways.

The crafting club is focused on charitable crafting. The mission has always been to craft change. We are completely funded by donations, focus on charitable work, and do not profit off anything we do. We are exist solely for serving the community. We believe in serving others, just like we like we believe in crafting!

In March of 2020, our group was formed to help assist with the mask shortage. Since that day, we have moved on to serve our community in other ways. It has been an incredible journey.

We can make, we can create, and we can unite.

I believe that all crafting causes whether it’s knitting for our local experiencing homelessness or helping combat the COVID-19 crisis with mask making are  important. It’s about the power of being able to create and unite. It’s about when a person is hurting, we can supply things. We can impact lives. We can help make our Eastern Shore a better place. This is why our craft club exists.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for caring. You can make an impact, too! We’re all in this together!

Love, Dominique

Do you have questions? Do you need help?

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