No Sew Options

One thing that’s immensely important is for there to be safe, efficient and quick no sew options. Many portions of our populations work in high risk environments, but are unable to access sewing machines and or masks unfortunately.

If you need an immediate masks and are unable to afford a mask or need multiples: try one of these no sew methods.

Many members of our communities on the Eastern Shore are unfortunately homeless and or low income. It’s not only important for us to have no sew options, but to offer the safest no sew options for this exact reasons!

If you would like to see a video or instructions in your own language, please let me know! I would love for our “No Sew Masks” to expand to be more inclusive to our diverse populations.

The CDC has created this video. They offer instructions on their website. Download their pattern here.
Instructions (written): Link / Template (cut out): Link
Link to design with instructions, template, etc:
Click here for written instructions.
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